I feel an overwhelming and powerful inner peace when I am where the ocean meets the land. It is my place of worship. It is my church. It is where Mother Nature is the most accessible to me.

I feel an overwhelming and powerful inner peace when I am where the ocean meets the land. It is my place of worship. It is my church. It is where Mother Nature is the most accessible to me.

Last week I found myself on a beach in February. A rare occasion for me in the dead of winter. I was there because my father has cancer and there is a new challenge to face. I traveled to be with him when he met with yet another cancer specialist. Something that we have done together as a family many, many times before and in many cities.

I didn’t bring a swimsuit or any of my beach gear. I didn’t plan to be on the beach more than a handful of minutes. I told myself that one long walk was all I needed.

When the time was right, I took my walk and headed “up island” (as it is called by the islanders). I kept my eyes on the water as I walked. I didn’t look around. I just listened and watched the waves. I wanted no distractions.

On my return “down island”, I again kept my head turned to the ocean. I found a spot at the water’s edge and kneeled down. I said what I needed to say. I did my best to lay down my fear, pain, and sadness. Mother Nature and the waves listened.

I continued my walk, slowing heading back to the house. Again, eyes on the water.

The tide came in stronger unexpectedly and I ran onto dry ground. As I did, I turned to look at the low slung dunes. The most beautiful sight was right before my eyes. A crude collection of broken shells hung from barren branches. I had walked past it on my journey North. I must not have been ready to feel it or see it when I began my walk. Only on my return did I discover this special spot.

I felt like I had entered a sanctuary. It was mystical and magical. Built by many, for anyone to share. I just explored it without touching anything. I looked into the branches from all angles. I listened to the sound of the waves and how the wind made some of the shells clatter. I sat down and looked up into the branches. I found a spot where I could see both the hanging shells and the water. I sat still and just took deep healing breaths. Before I stood, I thanked Mother Nature for answering my prayers so quickly.

I walked back to my family.


Note: Only as I started to see the path that leads off the beach did I remember I had my phone hidden with my shoes near the base of a tree. I grabbed it and ran back to take the photos you see in my post. I was thankful I didn’t have it when I came upon it the first time. I had picked up a few broken shells on my walk, I added them to the branches.

I did sneak back out for a sunset the next evening and one last visit to my special place.

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9 thoughts on “Sanctuary”

  1. That was so poignant and awesome to read. Absolutely touching. The shell trees went very well with your words. Thanks for sharing.❤❤❤

  2. What a beautiful post. The pictures took my breath away. Our universal connection is in the experience of all of it. We hold you all in our hearts. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sandy:

      Thank you for holding us close. The human energy behind us is felt and welcomed.

      About the photos, I LOVE my Samsung phone and her camera! I use no filters and run with life as it is presented to me.

      In addition, thank you for taking time to read our blogs and for sending such a lovely note.

      – sloane

    2. Sandy…

      Thank you for your reply. The photos in this post are actually from me, Casey. (Sloane took the lovely photos in her blog posts.) I appreciate your compliment. I love images. I love to try and capture what I “see” in a photograph. I do edit my photos and play with them. I want them to reflect what I see with the naked eye. I enjoy this process.

      The connection we all share is where my energy is restored.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Be well…


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